Dare to Dream — and Build

  • Building A House? Two Reasons To Go Industrial-Style

    27 October 2020

    A custom-built home can be a beautiful sight to behold. While many neighborhoods are full of cookie-cutter houses that don't differ much from each other at all, there are spaces set aside for the construction of unique residences that all have their own special design. If you've found such a plot of land and are ready to get your new residence up and running, the first thing you have to decide is what kind of dwelling you want to live in.

  • Exterior Coatings And How The Can Protect Your Property From The Outside

    20 October 2020

    Coatings are a lot like paint, but they have specific properties that help protect materials. Some coatings help to prevent water penetration, while other coatings may be used for repairs. There are also exterior coatings to protect against graffiti and make it easy to clean surfaces after they have been defaced. So, what type of coatings will you need to protect the exterior of your property? Graffiti Resistant Finishes In many areas, problems with graffiti and vandalism are a constant battle.

  • Tips When Having A Builder Construct A Custom Home

    14 October 2020

    A custom new home is exciting. It's a fresh start and full of so many possibilities. If you're working with a builder to have a custom home constructed, these steps can help you design an amazing home that everyone loves.  See What's Possible First Ideas may be circulating in your head about what this custom home will look like, but try not to become too attached to any specific features yet.

  • Insight About Your Gutters And Recommendations For Long-Lasting Maintenance

    7 October 2020

    At the edges of your home's roof should be installed a maintained gutter system that is connected to downspouts that can collect and divert the runoff from the roof. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you keep your home's gutters in great condition to provide full drainage protection. Recognize Gutter Types There are several types of gutters you can have installed on your home if you are looking for a new gutter system for your existing or new home.

  • Six Things To Do To Prepare For Septic Drainfield Repairs

    13 July 2020

    It's important to contact your septic service for drainfield repairs promptly when repairs are necessary. It's also important that you adequately prepare for repairs beforehand. The following are six things to do to prepare for septic tank drainfield repairs on your property.  Let everyone in your household know about the upcoming repairs One of the first things you need to do after you schedule repairs is notify everyone in your household of what's going on.

  • Common Roofing Damages

    6 July 2020

    A homeowner that is not aware of the various issues that can afflict their roof may not be prepared to take action when these problems start to develop. As a result, these individuals can find themselves unable to effectively manage the repair process that their home may need to undergo.  Alligator Cracks On The Shingles Alligator cracking is one of the most common problems that can develop with aging roofing materials.

  • Regular Parking Lot Maintenance that Keeps Your Grocery Store Lot in Good Shape

    22 June 2020

    When you operate a grocery store, your parking lot needs to be in good shape so customers have a favorable impression of your business. Plus, when your lot is maintained well, the asphalt lasts longer and you're at a reduced risk of trip and fall accidents. Here are some steps you may need to take with the help of a commercial parking lot maintenance company to keep your lot in its best condition.