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Don't Think It's Time? 3 Signs You Need To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped Early

by Marc Cole

If your home is connected to a septic system, proper maintenance is essential, which includes routine pumping. Most people adhere to the once every three-to-five-year routine for septic pumping. But that time-frame doesn't work for everyone. Even when it does, there are times when septic systems need to be pumped more often. This is especially true after seasonal floods or during times of excessive use. Excessive use can occur when you have long-term guests staying in your home. For those occasions, you need to know how to identify an emergency situation  — one that will require an unexpected septic service. If you're not sure how to identify those types of situations, here are some tips to help you out. If you do experience any of these situations, call a septic tank pumping service right away. 

You're Dealing With Two-Flush Toilets

If you're worried about your septic system, monitor the flushes. When your septic system is carrying a normal load, your toilet bowl will empty with one flush. An exception to that rule is when you expel a larger-than-normal bowel movement. When your septic tanks are reaching maximum capacity, the system might not be able to process the flushes. When that happens, you may find that you need to flush more than once, even when the bowl only contains toilet paper and urine. As soon as your toilets require two flushes on a regular basis, call a septic service. 

You've Got Brown Bathtub Residue

You might have heard that septic problems can cause raw sewage to back up into your bathtubs. That's actually true. But, the problem doesn't always start out with large amounts of raw sewage. Instead, the problem starts out small. You may notice a small amount of brown water in the bottom of your tub. Or, you might notice that there's a small amount of brown water around the drain. Those are both indications that your septic system is backing up. As soon as you encounter any amount of unexplained brown water at the bottom of your bathtub, call for septic service. This is especially true if the brown water has a foul odor. 

Your Neighbors Serviced Their Septic

If you've recently experienced torrential flooding in your area, your septic system may be saturated; even if you've recently had the tanks emptied. Unfortunately, you can't see below the surface to check for saturation. But you can pay attention to your neighbors. If your neighbors experience septic problems after a seasonal flood, there's a good chance that you will too. This is especially true if you and your neighbors are on the same service schedule. Avoid the problems. Have your septic tanks pumped early as well.