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Water Well Pump Won'y Turn On? 2 Troubleshooting Tips

by Marc Cole

If your water well pump has turned off and you cannot turn it back on, this can be due to many things. Some things you can fix on your own while others you will need to contact a water well pump repair service to do this for you. To help you get started, keep reading to learn two troubleshooting tips.

Check the Pressure Switch

One problem could be something very simple that you can easily fix on your own in a few seconds. Check and make sure the well pressure switch is not turned off. This switch is located close to the pressure tank and generally mounts on a thin tube.  The pressure switch could be stuck. If you find that it is, tap the side of the switch a few times and this should unstick it. 

This switch is an important part of your water well pump as it determines when the water pressure drops low enough that the tank needs to have water added to it. If the switch is off, make sure there is enough water in the water well pump. There is a pressure gauge that you can look at to determine if the pressure is correct, which will determine if the pump needs to have water added. If there is enough water, simply turn the switch back on. If it does need water, contact a water well pump repair company to do this for you.

Check the Breaker

Another simple fix is to check the circuit breaker to make sure it is not turned off. If it is, turn it on and see if the well pump will turn on for you. If you are not sure where this circuit breaker is located, a well pump repair company can show you. The circuit breaker could be bad and in need of replacement. You will need to contact an electrician to check this for you.

If the circuit breaker constantly turns off then you need to keep the well pump off and call for a repair. This is because constant tripping of a circuit breaker is a sign that there is something wrong with the well pump. If you just had your water pump installed, the circuit breaker may not have enough power to keep the pump running. 

A well pump company can give you much more information. They can give you more troubleshooting tips also to help you in the future. Contact a well pump repair service for more information.