Dare to Dream — and Build

3 Reasons To Landscape Your Yard When You Remodel Your Home

by Marc Cole

If you're remodeling your home, then you might not have thought about your outdoor spaces. Your main focus is on the work you're doing on your property.

However, it makes sense to hire a landscape design company to remodel your yard at this time. Why is this a good idea?

1. Fix Building Damage

Your builders might have used your yard to store machines, equipment, and supplies. They might have tried to be careful around your lawn, plants, and flowers; however, they might still have left some damage behind.

Plus, if you have extended your home or added a structure to it like a patio, then your yard as you once knew it doesn't really exist anymore. It might not look well-designed. You might have lost or gained space. You might have incomplete elements such as parts of paths or flower beds.

A landscape designer can restore your yard once your building work is finished. You may simply want to fix the damage and make your outdoor space look attractive again. Or, you might want to redesign the space and change its layout and features completely.

2. Create a Seamless House/Yard Design

Even if your yard is in good shape after your main remodeling work is done, you might not be happy with the way it looks now. Your yard might have complemented your home in the past. However, it might not match the changes you've made.

For example, if you have remodeled your home's exterior to make it look more modern, then a traditional yard might not look right. Your yard might contain traditional paving or walls that jar with the more modern materials you have used in your home.

At this stage, your yard doesn't have a complementary stylistic flow. A landscape designer can remodel the space so that it becomes a natural extension of your home. They can help you choose matching materials for your hardscaping and suitable plants for your space.

3. Avoid Future Property Damage

Landscape designers don't just create attractive yards, they also ensure that your outdoor space doesn't give you any property problems in the future. They help you organize your yard to minimize possible damage.

For example, if you want to plant trees in your yard, then you have to consider how these trees might affect your property in the future. If trees are too close to your home, then their roots could damage your foundations and underground plumbing pipes as they grow.

Your designer can advise on which types of trees to use and where to place them. Your yard will look great but it won't give you home repair headaches down the line.

To learn more, contact landscape design companies.