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The Need For Foundation Repair (And How To Spot Foundation Problems)

by Marc Cole

Your home's foundation supports the weight of your home and maintains its shape. Foundations are made to be durable, but they will deteriorate over time, especially during certain extreme conditions. Learn more about the different causes of foundation damage and how to spot foundation problems as soon as they develop. 

Causes of Foundation Damage

Some foundation damage occurs during construction. In this situation, the foundation will be new. Inform your contractor immediately to get repairs covered by the warranty you received for the work. 

When foundation damage occurs in older foundations, the problem can be due to one of the following causes:

  • Water damage
  • Soil erosion
  • Sinkholes

In order to prevent foundation damage, you should check the quality of the soil on your property before you buy a house. If the soil shows signs of drastic changes, you will need to plan for the change in soil conditions during the construction process. 

You should also do your best to waterproof your foundation and protect underground pipes from bursting. If you notice a leak near your foundation, resolve the issue immediately. The water damage will bring mold and pests along with it. It will also deteriorate the material to the point where you need to replace everything. 

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

How do you know if you have trouble with your foundation?

Look for the following signs that you need foundation repair:

  • Cracks in walls
  • Slanted floors
  • Inability to close doors and windows
  • Nails popping out of walls or floors

Finding the problem in advance will allow you to fix the problem before it gets worse (and more expensive). 

Cost of Foundation Repair

The cost of foundation repair depends on the type of foundation as well as the extent of the damage. 

The three types of foundations are:

  • basement
  • crawl space
  • concrete slab

Basements and crawl spaces aren't as durable as strong concrete foundations. However, you can repair basements and crawl spaces much more easily. Plus, homeowners can use the basement and crawl space as living space or storage. Concrete slabs are difficult to work on due to their heaviness and single-slab design. However, concrete slabs last the longest.

Nationally, the average cost for foundation repair comes to $4500

Your foundation supports you and your family every day. That stress may end up wearing on the foundation. When that happens, use the opportunity to improve your current foundation.

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