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3 Reasons To Consider Having Your Store's Parking Lot Paved

by Marc Cole

If your store's parking lot is made up of nothing but dirt and gravel, you're missing out on the many benefits that an asphalt parking lot can offer. Many of the benefits can help to pay for the asphalt paving project overall because your customers will reap the rewards and you'll likely get more business as time goes on. Here are some of the most notable benefits of investing in an asphalt parking lot for your store.

Improve Access for More People

Having your store's parking lot paved is a great way to improve access to your store for a variety of people. Those with small cars and scooters will feel comfortable parking in your lot without having to worry about small rocks chipping their car or potholes that can damage the undercarriage or make a scooter rider unstable.

Those who must use wheelchairs, mobile scooters, canes, and walkers will appreciate an asphalt parking lot to traverse on. Their wheelchairs and other devices will move seamlessly, and there will be less of a struggle for the physically impaired to get to and from your store's front door. This should equate to more business when all is said and done.

Expand Your Parking Space Availability

Having a gravel or dirt driveway makes it tough to ensure that people are not taking up too much space when they park. Even if you try to keep up with spay painting parking space lines, those lines can be unclear, and people may end up taking as much space as two vehicles (or more!) need. Having your parking lot paved will allow you to create permanent parking lines that make it clear where customers should park. This can help to expand your parking lot's overall capacity, which means that more customers can be in your store at one time.

Reduce Your Risk of Injury Lawsuits

Asphalt parking lots are smoother than dirt and gravel lots. When well maintained, there are no dips or potholes to worry about. People, no matter their physical capabilities, will be safer traveling from their vehicles to your store and back again which should lead to less worry about things like injury lawsuits for your business. Plus, the fewer people that are injured in the vicinity of your floor, the fewer people will feel the need to avoid the place. Having a reputation for being a safe place to shop will help to bring even more customers to your front door. 

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