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Purchasing Horses For Your Farm? Types Of Horse Barns You Can Choose

by Marc Cole

If you are purchasing horses for your farm, you need to make sure you first set up a horse barn for them. This will keep the horses comfortable while they are resting. Keep reading for information about three types of horse barns that are available. 

Run-In Shelter

If you are on a budget and only have one or two horses, you could choose a run-in shelter, also known as a run-in shed. This has three sides with a front opening. This means the horse can come and go as they please. You can purchase a run-in shed large enough for only one horse. If you have a second or a third horse, you can lengthen the shed to make it larger. Just make sure it is large enough for your horse to easily turn around in so it can stay comfortable. One thing to consider with a run-in shelter is it does not provide as much security for the horses, and the horses are subject to weather conditions. Also, predators could easily get into the shelter and attack your horses. 

Center Aisle

A center aisle horse barn has two rows of stalls that face each other with an aisle running down the middle. This is a common type of horse barn that is used on farms. It is completely enclosed so your horses are protected from the weather elements. This also makes it easy for you when you need to take care of the horses and do chores inside the horse barn. Because of the style of this barn, there is also good ventilation, which can help with odors.

Post and Beam Horse Barn

A post and beam horse barn is also known as a pole barn. With this type of horse barn, heavy timbers are used when building it instead of using traditional stick-built barns. This means less timber has to be used to provide support for the barn, which can save you money. The posts are made of solid wood, so they are durable and larger. These barns are generally custom-made when it comes to the size and how many horse stalls you need to be inside of it. Horses are completely protected, and you have plenty of room to work with the horses when feeding and caring for them. 

Talk with a salesperson that sells horse barns to learn about other types that are available for you. For more information on barns for horses, contact a professional near you.