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Preparing For The Arrival Of A Commercial Asphalt Paving Service

by Marc Cole

If you are a business owner, and you have decided to revamp your parking area with a fresh coat of asphalt, you undoubtedly want a successful session. Here are actions to take before the arrival of the service.

Alert People About Your Intentions

If you have clients, customers, workers, or representatives that utilize your building, you need to let them know when you intend on having an asphalt paving service on your property. If you decide to keep your business open, provide people with an alternate area for parking and walking so they do not get in the way of the service, and so they do not sustain damage to vehicles. If you decide to have the service come on a day you are closed, or if you decide to close your business so paving can take place, let people know well in advance so they do not make an unnecessary trip to your building.

Let The Service Know Your Desires

Before a paving service arrives to conduct their work, you need to alert them about any specifications you have in mind for your parking area. For example, you may want to have painted lines available to aid in fitting as many vehicles in your lot as possible, or you may want to have colored pavement in certain areas to improve the aesthetics of your property. Take to a paving contractor on the phone or in-person to let them know your desires. During this talk, you can go over pricing so you are aware of the costs associated with each enhancement of your parking area that you decide upon.

Clean The Lot Before The Paving Service Arrival 

It is wise to conduct a full cleaning session of your parking area before the paving service comes to put new asphalt in place. If you hire a truck to remove debris from your lot, inquire as to whether they can perform an additional cleanup on the night before your paving session. Alternately, have employees scour the lot for debris to remove so the area is completely ready for the application of asphalt.

Place Barriers Up On The Property

Most asphalt services have barriers available to use when they perform paving actions. These are placed at entryways so vehicles do not try to drive into the lot during this time. Ask the paving service if they provide barriers or if you need to obtain some before the lot is to be paved.

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