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Drain Excavation: Your Last Resort To A Fixing A Clogged Drain

by Marc Cole

Most drain clogs can be resolved with plungers, liquid plumbers, or other conservative methods, but more invasive work may need to be done if one of your drains has serious problems. Drain excavation is usually performed when other methods won't resolve clogging or other drain issues. A knowledgeable plumber can let you know if drain excavation is the appropriate solution after your plumbing problem has been analyzed carefully.

How Drain Excavation Is Done

Drain excavation is usually done by digging into the ground outside a home to reach the pipe that's the source of the drain problem. No-dig methods have also been developed to reach pipes without having to dig or at least minimize the amount of digging that has to be done, but digging is still usually the most reliable way of doing a drain excavation. After reaching the pipe, plumbers can either repair or replace it to resolve the drain issue. Plumbers then make an effort to fill in the hole that was dug and restore your property.

Why Drain Excavation Is Needed

A severely clogged drain that resulted from a foreign object inside the pipe or because of pipe damage may only be resolved with drain excavation. The service also sometimes needs to be performed when tree roots interfere with water and sewage flow. A pipe may have even collapsed entirely, and digging into the soil to replace or repair it may be the only way to reach the pipe. Multiple leaks in the pipe can further necessitate drain excavation service. If the soil in your yard has shifted and caused obstructions in drainage flow, plumbing professionals may recommend drain excavating to fix the damage and reposition the soil.

Why Drain Excavation Work Should Be Left to Professionals

You might think that digging into the ground to fix a pipe seems easy enough, but you could put yourself in danger and cause major property damage if you try to do the work without the proper training or equipment. Plumbing professionals who do drain excavations know how to access pipes below the ground without disturbing gas pipes or electrical cables that could become highly dangerous if they get damaged. Professionals also know how to store excavated material properly until it's used again to fill in the ground so that your property can be restored to its former glory.

As much as you probably don't want to have drain excavation work done, it may offer you a long-term solution that ends your drainage problems for good.

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