Dare to Dream — and Build

Having Your Excavation Work Completed By Professionals

by Marc Cole

Excavation work can be a common first step in a number of different types of projects that a person may need to have done. Whether the excavation work is to prepare the ground for building a new structure or to undertake landscaping improvements, there are some sizable excavation considerations that should be assessed.

Marking The Utility Lines

Damaging utility lines that are buried underground is a common way that this type of work could lead to expensive complications to repair. Some homeowners assume that these utility lines are buried extremely deep in the ground, but this is not always the case as there are many utility lines that may only be buried under a few inches of soil. Marking the locations of these buried utility lines can help you avoid situations where you will be liable for expensive repairs to damaged utility lines or costly disruptions to the business.

Having A Disposal Plan For The Dirt From The Excavation Project

Your excavation project may produce vast amounts of dirt that will need to be managed during this work. There may be instances or ways where you will be able to use the excavated soil soon after the work is finished. If you are unable to use all of this soil in other ways around your property, having the excavation service haul it away may be a viable and simple solution. It can also avoid the need to store the soil for long periods of time as you may have to tie up several areas of your yard to safely store the soil. Many professional excavation services can transport the unneeded soil to a facility that is designed to process this type of waste.

Mitigating The Amount Of Erosion That Occurs After The Excavation Work Has Been finished

Excavation work is often one of the first steps in constructing new buildings, performing major landscaping work, or even paving the driveway and walkway. During the time between the excavation work being completed and the construction work on these projects starting, rainfall and strong winds can increase the rate at which the soil will start to wash away. The installation of erosion control netting can be an extremely common approach to managing this requirement. These nets will be placed over all of the exposed soil during the excavation work. If the soil will be exposed for a prolonged period of time, the use of lime stabilization techniques may be able to retain as much soil as possible.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a local excavating company.