Dare to Dream — and Build

Why Glass Fireplaces Make Great Additions To Modern Homes

by Marc Cole

When you think of modern building designs your mind probably doesn't wander directly to a fireplace. After all, fireplaces were used in the ages before modern heating, which can be done much more efficiently now. However, just like everything else, fireplaces have been upgraded in recent years. A glass contemporary fireplace actually makes perfect sense when nestled into a modern home, giving you all the benefits of traditional fireplaces while eliminating much of the problems.

Here are a few reasons why glass fireplaces make great additions to homes of all shapes and sizes across the country.

No Mess

Unlike older fireplaces, glass contemporary fireplaces are completely sealed off, so there is no danger of any mess to be cleaned up. Not only does that mean you don't have to clean up the soot that falls out of the fireplace onto the floor, it also means you don't need a chimney sweep to come and make sure your fireplace isn't creating a fire hazard. Contemporary fireplaces are much more self-contained units and can provide warmth much closer to you than you might expect from something so sealed off. Go and feel the warmth of a glass contemporary fireplace before you write them off completely.

Install Anywhere

A lot of people use fireplaces as a central feature in their living rooms, but that does not have to be the case with contemporary designs. You see, contemporary glass fireplaces can be placed in anything from dividing walls to kitchens and even bedrooms if you so wish. That is because they don't need the supporting infrastructure of a chimney to work well, they can be completely independent and still be safe to use. If you think a room in your home looks bare and doesn't get heated as well as the rest of the house, then a glass contemporary fireplace could be the best solution.

Surprisingly Effective

It is easy to write modern glass fireplaces off as some new invention that takes the essence of something without actually being effective at it, but that is usually only said by people who haven't experienced them in person. These fireplaces warm up quickly, spread heat evenly, and have a variety of settings that you can customize to your liking. They are not a cheap rip-off or something that is only there to impress your friends, they make up a vital feature used by many Americans all over the country. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a glass contemporary fireplace near you.