Dare to Dream — and Build

Important Reasons To Hire An Experienced Boundary Conflicts Mediator

by Marc Cole

When your construction company has been hired to build a new building, you need to make sure that you keep the project within the property's boundaries. Even if you check the blueprints and stake out the boundaries before the project begins, however, you can still find yourself embroiled in a battle with surround home or business owners.

Instead of allowing the matter to become contentious and litigious, you can hire someone to come in and clarify exactly where the boundaries are. You can protect the timeline and integrity of the project by relying on an experienced, professional boundary conflicts mediator.

Getting the Property Map from the County Assessor

When you hire a boundary conflicts mediator for your project, you can secure the property map from the county assessor. The mediator can go to the county's assessment office and request a full map of the property on which you are building. They can use this map to show to other property owners with land adjacent to the building site where their properties end and where the client who hired you begins. 

The map is a legal document that clearly stipulates where the boundaries are. The adjacent property owners cannot dispute the map with you. If they disagree with it, they must take up the matter with the county and ask the have their own properties appraised and mapped out again.

Avoiding Lawsuits

A boundary conflicts mediator can also help you avoid a lawsuit against your company and the client who hired you. They can testify in court that you were building within the defined boundaries of the property. The mediator can also testify that you did not cross into other property owners' boundaries during the project.

Negotiating an Agreeable Solution

Finally, a boundary conflicts mediator can help you reach an agreeable solution to disputes about your property. They can convince adjacent property owners to accept what the map says about where your property lies. They can also help dissipate extreme anger and frustration that may come with having a new building erected so close to the owners' properties.

A boundary conflicts mediator can offer you a number of important services. They can foremost secure the map of the property from the county assessor. The mediator can also testify on your company's behalf in court and diffuse high emotions about the project. For more information, reach out to a boundary conflicts mediator in your area.