Dare to Dream — and Build

The Roof Replacement Options To Upgrade Your Home With Durable Solutions

by Marc Cole

It may be time to replace your roof soon, and this is when you will want to start deciding on the materials to install on your home. This is a great opportunity to improve the roof with durable materials and design improvements. The following roof replacement options are some of the solutions that you will want to consider to update your home:

Improvements for Roof Replacements—The roof can be improved when you have it replaced with various changes and upgrades to the design. The improvements that you can have done include reinforcing the roofing or making small changes to the structure. Some of the areas where you may want to improve your roof to reduce wear include:

  • Places with water traps that cause roof wear and water damage
  • Roof runoff that causes foundation damage
  • Areas with excessive shingle wear

These improvements help reduce wear and problems that can cause damage to your home. You will want to talk to the replacement contractor about areas where you can benefit from investing in these improvements for your roof.

Installing More Durable Composite Shingles—There are also various options to upgrade the conventional single-tab asphalt shingles with modern composite roofing. Some of the options to replace the roofing with durable composite shingles include:

  • 3D asphalt composite shingles
  • Composites made from composite rubber waste
  • Synthetic composite tile roofing materials

These are some of the options to replace the old roofing with more durable composite shingles. Today, composite shingles can even be made from recycled rubber — a durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative to asphalt roofing materials.

Metal Roofing That Is Fire and Storm-Resistant—You may want to have a roofing that has other features, such as resistance to storms and fire. Metal roofing is often used in rural areas for these reasons. Therefore, you may want to consider some of the many options for metal roofing, including:

  • Metal roofing panels
  • Stamped metal roofing tiles
  • Standing seam architectural metal roofing

These are some of the many options to consider for a more durable metal roof to replace your old asphalt shingles. Metal tiles and standing seam roofing materials can also give you a lot of options for custom designs to change the appearance of your roof when replacing the old shingles.

The right improvements to your roof will help make your roof more durable and longer-lasting. Contact a roof replacement service to start planning these improvements for your home.