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Everything To Know About Waterproofing Systems To Protect Against Severe Damage

by Marc Cole

Waterproofing your home is essential to prevent severe damages. Old waterproofing systems are often outdated and can be vulnerable to problems that you should prevent. You may want to improve your home with waterproofing solutions. The following waterproofing systems information will help protect your home from severe water damage:

Interior waterproofing solutions

The interior of your home is a good place to start with waterproofing improvements. This is where you will want to have the most protection from water problems. Some features to include are:

  • Water-resistant wall finishes
  • Sealants for concrete and block materials
  • Interior drainage with a mechanical pump system

Interior waterproofing and drainage solutions are essential to keep potential water out of your home.

Drainage solutions for waterproofing

Drainage improvements should also be part of the waterproofing design. These improvements start with the mechanical installations that are part of the interior waterproofing design. The features of your waterproofing drainage systems should include:

  • Drainage with a sump pump
  • Interior drains that connect to exterior systems
  • Conventional French drain systems

These drainage solutions are essential to deal with any water and moisture that can get into your home. It is important that all the drain lines are connected to exterior lines that allow the water to flow away. If there is a problem with standing water around your home, you may also want to have a landscaping drainage system installed.

Exterior foundation waterproofing solutions

The foundation is where many water problems can begin. You will need foundation waterproofing solutions that provide the maximum protection. There are many things that can be done to improve foundation waterproofing, which include:

  • Modern synthetic seals that are resistant to drying out
  • French drain systems that connect to waterproofing drainage lines
  • Geotextile systems that protect against static pressure problems

These exterior improvements provide better waterproofing to protect the foundation. The exterior waterproofing and drainage should also include landscaping solutions that direct water away from the structure.

Additional waterproofing to protect your property

You may also want to have additional waterproofing solutions to protect your home from damage. These solutions can be sealing exterior finishes or surfaces around your home. Talk to your waterproofing contractor about evaluating the areas that are the most vulnerable.

The right exterior waterproofing solutions can protect your home from serious problems with water damage. Contact an exterior waterproofing service to plan the right solutions to stop water issues that cause severe damage. They can provide additional information in regards to exterior waterproofing