Dare to Dream — and Build

Building A House? Two Reasons To Go Industrial-Style

by Marc Cole

A custom-built home can be a beautiful sight to behold. While many neighborhoods are full of cookie-cutter houses that don't differ much from each other at all, there are spaces set aside for the construction of unique residences that all have their own special design. If you've found such a plot of land and are ready to get your new residence up and running, the first thing you have to decide is what kind of dwelling you want to live in. There are tons of different styles out there and each one has its appeal. Take a look at some of the benefits of industrial-style homes and you'll see why it's a great option.

Industrial-Style Homes Combine Comfort With Minimalism

Although it might seem contradictory to the very notion of the word, minimalistic living doesn't necessarily have to mean that you reside in a tiny property. Minimalism is all about placing a focus on uncluttered space that encourages movement and transparency. Instead of building walls to separate rooms and installing features that crowd each area, minimalistic houses put in just enough fixtures to keep each part of the home comfortable with plenty of space to spread out and relax.

Living in an industrial-style home gives you the best of both worlds. These places often pair raw, hardwood flooring with planked ceilings or iron stairways. You're then free to add the comfort piece with cozy sofas and velvety chairs at your dining table. The contrast is very appealing and creates a setup that is an automatic conversation piece for guests when you're entertaining.

Specific Materials Add Durability

If you've ever been in or toured an industrial facility, you may have noticed that the building was made to last. Some industrial centers have been around for a very long time and have the ruggedness to outperform structures made from lesser materials.

You want your next home to contain the strength and longevity to go the distance. Industrial-style builders use materials such as steel, copper, and metal to construct houses that are innately designed to remain standing even in the face of natural forces that would cause untold damage to other types of homes.

Choosing a classic, industrial-style home means you'll be building a home that stands apart from the pack. Talk with an industrial-style builder to see a few plans and select the design that has everything you've ever wanted in a dream home.