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Exterior Coatings And How The Can Protect Your Property From The Outside

by Marc Cole

Coatings are a lot like paint, but they have specific properties that help protect materials. Some coatings help to prevent water penetration, while other coatings may be used for repairs. There are also exterior coatings to protect against graffiti and make it easy to clean surfaces after they have been defaced. So, what type of coatings will you need to protect the exterior of your property?

Graffiti Resistant Finishes

In many areas, problems with graffiti and vandalism are a constant battle. If your property is a target to be defaced by urban artwork, you want to make it easier to clean up. Today, graffiti-resistant exterior coatings can be used to protect materials from being defaced with spray paint. The features of graffiti-resistant exterior coatings are:

  • Causes spray paint to not bond
  • Easy-to-clean with water and sponge
  • Resistant to wear due to sunlight

The right exterior finishes can help end the graffiti problems that constantly need to be cleaned from brick and concrete materials.

Exterior sealants

Sometimes, there are also materials that need to be sealed to protect them from water penetration. There are several reasons to use exterior sealants for materials like:

  • Asphalt and concrete pavements
  • Wood materials for decks and fencing
  • Drainage canals and curbing

These materials often need to be sealed when they are exposed to rain and weathering. Ask an exterior coating service about the right sealants for the materials on your property.

Waterproofing coatings

Waterproofing is a different type of coating that is more than just a sealant. Waterproofing is often needed to protect materials like foundation walls or areas of a building that may be vulnerable to moisture problems. If water is getting into areas where it shouldn't, waterproofing will help solve these problems. Areas of your property that may need a waterproof coating include:

  • Sealing concrete reservoirs
  • Protecting exterior foundation walls
  • Protecting materials near structures, such as retaining walls

Sometimes, waterproofing is needed to protect structures from damage due to runoff and moisture.

Specialized Coatings for Repairs

Lastly, specialized coatings can help protect repairs and rejuvenate old or worn materials. These finishes are used with concrete, stone, and masonry materials. Exterior coatings can also be used as the principal coating that gives stucco finishes their color. These stucco finishes can also be used to repair damage on walls that have been damaged due to common wear.

These solutions will protect your property from wear and damage. Call an exterior coatings service for help with these protective coats to prevent wear and damage to materials.