Dare to Dream — and Build

Tips When Having A Builder Construct A Custom Home

by Marc Cole

A custom new home is exciting. It's a fresh start and full of so many possibilities. If you're working with a builder to have a custom home constructed, these steps can help you design an amazing home that everyone loves. 

See What's Possible First

Ideas may be circulating in your head about what this custom home will look like, but try not to become too attached to any specific features yet. First, you need to see what's actually possible from a design standpoint. Some things just aren't feasible, whether it's because of a budget or time-constraint issue.

Talk with your builder and see which ideas of yours they can make a reality. It may be making the home a certain size or including particular features in different rooms. Once you see what is actually possible, you can start narrowing in on specific design ideas.

Make Sure There Is Plenty of Room

Since you're having a builder start this home from scratch, you want to make sure you get enough space out of this build. Otherwise, you might as well just move into a home that's already built. Think about your lifestyle, activities, and the number of people in your family. These factors will help influence just how much livable space you need to truly be comfortable long-term in your custom new home. 

Also, speak with your builder and let them know about your particular needs. They can then recommend square footage totals that support your designs.

Pick Out the Right Materials

After the initial blueprints are drawn up for your custom home and you have a pretty good idea of exterior and interior elements, you will want to work with the builder to decide which materials to use throughout the build. There are several aspects of the home that you still need to choose materials for, such as the roof, siding, floors, and countertops. You want to be very selective with all of these materials. Going through examples can help you see what different options will look like in your new home. Also, talk to your builder to get an idea of which materials will work within your budget. 

Builders can do a lot of incredible things with new home construction. If you're in the process of working with a builder, understand how you can get the most out of your relationship. Then, the home at the end will be exactly what you need and want. For more information about working with a custom home builder, contact a local construction company.