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Six Things To Do To Prepare For Septic Drainfield Repairs

by Marc Cole

It's important to contact your septic service for drainfield repairs promptly when repairs are necessary. It's also important that you adequately prepare for repairs beforehand.

The following are six things to do to prepare for septic tank drainfield repairs on your property. 

Let everyone in your household know about the upcoming repairs

One of the first things you need to do after you schedule repairs is notify everyone in your household of what's going on. Let them know when repairs will take place so that they can plan ahead. 

Find a temporary alternative to using your septic system

If you're having severe septic issues, you may need to stop using the plumbing fixtures in your home immediately. Even if your septic system is still functioning enough that your plumbing fixtures can be used in the meantime, you're still going to have to stop using them while repairs are performed.

It's therefore important to find a temporary alternative to using your septic system while repairs take place. Consider having other members of your household visit a nearby family member or friend until repairs are complete if possible.  

Notify any neighbors nearby of the upcoming repairs

Septic tank drainfield repairs can be intrusive and require heavy equipment to access you property. If you have neighbors located close by, you might want to let them know about your upcoming repairs so that they'll know to expect repair work in the area beforehand. 

Clear a path to your drainfield for your repair service

If you have vehicles and obstacles around your property, make sure that there is a clear path to your drainfield for your septic repair service. This will ensure that repairs can begin as quickly as possible once your septic service arrives. 

Avoid going on or near your drainfield

It's best to stay away from your drainfield yourself and to keep others away when you're in need of drainfield repair. This is especially true if your drainfield is unusually wet or smells bad. Overflowing septic waste in your drainfield could be a biohazard, so you need to make sure that everyone stays away from the area. 

Make yourself available during repairs to communicate with your septic service

Your septic repair service may need to contact you about the repairs. This means you should ideally be present or at least available by phone. This way, your septic service can contact you if there are any questions or concerns about how you want repairs to be handled.