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Regular Parking Lot Maintenance that Keeps Your Grocery Store Lot in Good Shape

by Marc Cole

When you operate a grocery store, your parking lot needs to be in good shape so customers have a favorable impression of your business. Plus, when your lot is maintained well, the asphalt lasts longer and you're at a reduced risk of trip and fall accidents. Here are some steps you may need to take with the help of a commercial parking lot maintenance company to keep your lot in its best condition.

Sweep Away Debris and Remove Snow

Sweeping the lot regularly keeps your property tidy, but sweeping has a more important function than that. By keeping grit, sand, and debris off the lot, the asphalt will have less damage over time. When debris gets ground into the asphalt under the weight of heavy vehicles, the top sealcoat wears away faster and your lot will deteriorate quicker.

Having snow removed is also important for maintaining your lot, and it's important to your customers too. Shoppers appreciate a lot they can park in easily, and if your lot is covered with snow, shoppers may go elsewhere for their needs.

Replace The Sealcoat And Stripes

The sealcoat and stripes on your parking lot get worn away over time. When the sealcoat is gone, rain and sun will begin to damage the asphalt and cause it to break down and develop cracks and holes. Your parking lot maintenance contractor can advise you on when to replace the sealcoat depending on how much traffic your parking lot gets and the type of wear it is subject to, such as snow removal. A new sealcoat makes your parking lot dark and attractive again, which is appealing to customers.

Stripes can be applied again after a new sealcoat is put on. Keeping up with stripes is important so shoppers know where to park and so you're in compliance with ADA handicap parking regulations.

Fill Cracks And Holes

It's normal for an asphalt parking lot to develop cracks as the asphalt ages, so you'll probably need regular maintenance to fill the cracks and any holes that develop. It's important to repair cracks and holes or rain will leak through them and cause the damage to spread. Plus, shoppers might trip on a pothole and get injured.

Cracks can be filled in with an asphalt crack filler and potholes can be filled with gravel and sand, compressed, and then topped with an asphalt patch. In cases of extreme cracking, it may be necessary to cut out part of the parking lot to get rid of the crumbled areas and then put in fresh asphalt.

These maintenance tasks can be done regularly so your lot stays in fairly good shape all the time. This helps the lot last as long as possible so you can put off having the lot replaced, which would be a disruption to your customers that you may rather avoid. For further assistance, contact commercial parking lot maintenance companies.